Artist Statement 

As the youngest in my family, I reflect on the many stories that my parents talk about. Their journey here to the United States plays an important role in many of my pieces. I am influenced by stories that come from a variety of photographs taken before I was born. My work is a process for me to try to understand my past. Through the use of fibers and painting, I make a variety of pieces that are sculptural and 2D. My background of painting and my love of color are shown in expressive forms, with paint and thread, to trigger a sense of memory and identity. I manipulate items that were once my parent’s to express their story from my point of view. The spine of my work is this appreciation of hard work and the journey that my parents have gone through. Within my work I hope to never forget what has been done for my siblings and me.



Fabiola Valenzuela is an Intermedia artist that lives in Arlington, TX. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Texas at Arlington. Fabiola’s work concentrates on identity and memory through the use of painting, installation and sculpture.